Role of Women P.8
Katelyn McManaman
May 20, 2014

Many women in World War 1 had many jobs and responsibilities. Some of the main roles and jobs they had were farmers, doctors, nurses, and factory workers. During the war, women also entered the workforce in new ways. Women served in the navy and marines, and thousands served as nurses. On the home front, women worked in factories and in the government. Before World War 1, women's job was to stay at home all day. When World War 1 broke out, men had to leave and go to war. The women had to take over their jobs and do what the men do everyday. When World War 1 began in August 1914, the world changed. Women had to leave their children at home and not clean the house all day and take care of their children the entire day. With so many men going to the war, there was a large gap in employment and women came and replaced the men. When the war ended it showed the world and the men that women can achieve and do important responsibilities just as the men can do, and women and men are both equal.