Manuel Noriega

By : Amanda Jordan

Manuel Noriega was the military ruler of Panama who ran a corrupt puppet government there until the United States drove him out in 1990.

He was the president of panama . Panama is a narrow land bridge connecting North and South America.

Rise to Power

Manuel Noriega unified the armed forces into the Panamanian Defense Forces, promoted himself to the rank of general and became president of panama .  

Style of government

Manuel Noriega was the military ruler of Panama who ran a government. Noriega canceled the presidential elections and attempted to rule through a puppet government.

manuel noriega domestic priorities

He was a general commander of the nation guard he combined the navy and air force into the panama defense force  .

Manuel Noriega's current event    

The U.S. indicts Noriega on charges of racketeering, laundering drug money and drug smuggling.Is convicted on eight counts of drug smuggling and racketeering.Is sentenced to 40 years in prison.

A shout out to Manuel Noriega   

Manuel Noriega files a lawsuit against activision blizzard  video game company for harming his reputation with the game, "Call of Duty: Black Ops II."

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