How Heroes Act

comparisons and contrasting between three young heroes

                                                    The Heroes Similarites

Even though these three heroes have done heroic things they have a few differences but as well as some similarities.Today you will read about three heroes. Matt , a 17 yr. old and a survivor of hurricane Sandy. De'monte Love, a six yr. old who is a survivor of hurricane Katrina. Aerial, who is also a survivor of hurricane Sandy.There are several similarities between Matt and Aerial, for one they are  both survivors of hurricane Sandy .They also are both from Rockaway, New York. Now the similarities between Matt and De'monte are the fact that they are both males and that they they saved people physically.Matt had gone through dangerous waters and De'monte had to watch his younger family all alone.Also the similarities between Aerial and De'monte is that they both have received rewards .De'monte has been given a big sum of money from the sales of his book"De'monte Love" and Aerial has been given a reward from the white house.Last but not least is that they all have a good heart and have the traits of a hero, willing to lay down life for others, brave, and attentive.

                                                         The Heroes Differences

Even though these heroes have many similarities they might have more differences than you think. Aerial was the hero that has helped the most people.She created a Facebook page that matches donors to survivors easily.The donors gave the survivors things like money,clothes,food and water.Unlike the rest of the heroes she left hours before the hurricane approached while Matt and De'monte had to go through the hurricane .Matt to me is the bravest hero, because he saw a woman about to drown in dirty,frigid water that goes up to your waist and he goes in to save her then went back into the water to get her dogs.Then there was fires ,electrical fires that were caused by the hurricane's high winds cutting the wires and sending everything ablaze.Last but not least is little De'monte Love who not only had to take care of his very young family, but he was alone ,a six year old child protecting his family with his life. De'monte Love also was in a totally different hurricane then Matt and Aerial , De'monte was in hurricane Katrina.

Both of this images are the aftermath of hurricane Sandy(below) and of hurricane Katrina(above).

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