By:Lisa McMann


Ethan-Abducted at 7 years old and found his family 9 years later. Falls in love with his best friend Cami.

Cami- Ethan's best friend and ends up being his girlfriend.

Blake-Ethan's brother always on Ethan never really thinks it's the real Ethan.

Gracie- Ethan's little sister. She didn't like Ethan at first but ends up liking him.

Mama- Ethan's mom. Does anything Ethan ask her top do.

Dad- Ethan's dad. Doesn't like Ethan's decisions.


Ethan was 7 years old when he was abducted from his home. Now at 16 he has found his family again. Even though he doesn't remember much deep down he know that the new people he found are his family.  Although his mom and dad are so happy to have him back safe with them his younger brother, Blake, doesn't think he is who he says he is. The first couple of days where hard for them all but they got used to it. Gracie, the replacement child, didn't like Ethan at first but after a while they end up getting close.  After a while Ethan ends up falling for a girl name Camie, his best friend, and they go out. Things for Ethan was going good till shocking news was given that not even Ethan can believe.


Present day Minnesota  

Lisa McMann

Her books: The unwanteds series, The Visions Trilogy, The Wake Trilogy, Cryers Cross, Infinity Ring, Dear Bully, Foretold

WAKE - Texas Tayshas Reading List

WAKE - Young Adult Reading Program Reading List Selection

Cryer's Cross - American Library Association 2012 Best Fiction for Young Adulst

Dead to You - IRA Young Adults' Choices

The Unwanteds - Maine Student Book Award Master List

Crash' - American Library Association 2014 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Readers

Bang' - MSTA Reading Circle List 


This is way different from my life because I was never abducted. My feeling when I read the book was curious, sad and mad at times.


The book wasn't confusing, It wasn't easy nor hard. The story was believable. I didn't really liked the ending but it does leave you surprise. My favorite part was when Ethan and Camie start to go out. I like that Lisa Mcmann leaves you with surprises and makes you be curios. I would recommend this book to people that like to keep on reading when you are curios and like to predict what well happen. I would give the book a 9.5 because I liked that the author made you curios and also I liked how in the end she leaves you with a BIG SURPRISE.

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