Florist in Austin, Texas

Job Description

Floral designers work in customer service and sales, making sure that they create the proper arrangement for each individual customer. They also grow and order flowers, recommend flowers and design displays, as well as answer phones and make recommendation based on a customer's budget. Jobs in floral design can be found in all regions of the country.

Salary: $11.13 an hour


Entry-level Education is a high school diploma or equivalent. While on-the-job training is common, many aspiring floral designers opt to enroll in a certificate program in floral design at a community college or vocational school. A few schools offer associate's and bachelor's degree programs. Some floral designers prove their skills by earning professional certification, which requires written and practical exams.

A degree in Fine Arts can provide an opportunity to hone your design skills.

A degree in Botany can provide knowledge related to proper growing conditions for flowers.

A degree in Business can provide marketing and management skills.

Skills Necessary

Individuals must have experience with a florist to be considered for a position.

Quality conscious


Good sense of design

Keen interest in floral design

Manual dexterity and skill in hand-crafting technique

Interest in a career field that offers the possibility of self-employment

Willing to learn all aspects of the floral industry

Tools Used

Folding Floral Knife

Leather Thumb Guard

Tool Kit



Glue Gun

Glue Gun Stand

Branch Cutter

Straight Folding Knife

Bunch Cutter

Ribbon Shears

Hours Required

Regular, full-time retail industry hours

Most florists have to work Christmas, Valentine's, and Mother's Day

Job Benefits

90% Health Insurance Paid

401-K Administration

Paid Vacation

Employee Discounts

Median Annual wage was $23,810 in May 2012


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