Shakespeare-Hawking Senior High
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Mission Statement: To be or not to be, that is the question. And our answer is to BE. ALWAYS BE. Be everything you can.

Philosophy: Knowledge bound individuals are driven by opportunity and strive to better themselves through high level-classes and abundant human resources, given choices of many subjects to encompass all types of learners.

Classroom Descriptions: Typical 20x30 foot classrooms, lined with projector walls (Basically big smartboards). There are dorms under the quad, and there are pent-dorms on the top of the school. There is an average of 14 people to a class.

Class Schedule: Lunches are 2 hours long with an open study hall. Classes will each be 50 minutes with a 10 minute break in between. There will be 6 classes a day. There is a student's lounge on the top floor of the 3 story library. School starts at 8 with 4 classes being done by 12, Lunch is form 12 to 2, and the last class ends at 4. Monday-Thursday, but study hall and library are open 24/7. We are on a trimester system.

Curriculum: All students must learn one extra language from both the East and the West. Students will learn the histories and the maths and the nuances of English and their chosen languages. All students are encouraged to pursue whatever knowledge they would like to in addition to the standard curriculum. The curriculum will be focused on helping students prepare themselves for the future, not prepare themselves for the test.

Grading System: 10 point scale. No weight on the GPA, all 4 points for an A. This provides the most fair results. The 10 point scale is widely used and the non-weighted practice enforces the reason that if the student wants to challenge themselves, they should not be given a whole letter-grade buffer.

Extracurricular: Awesome sports (lacrosse, cricket, polo, and rugby just to name a few), lots of robotics clubs, lots of book clubs, and student led-clubs such as fight club and moat-swimming club. There will be optional archaeological programs in the search for dinosaur fossils. Students will be encouraged to join the Mensa society during their senior year. There is no Prom, because there are mandatory dorm parties every 2 weeks.

Teacher Qualifications: Clean background check, IQ of over 100, a degree in teaching and a major in the subject they plan to teach, and must be pretty/handsome.

   The 5 Questions:

     Do you have any hands-on experience with teaching?

     Did you have any pets as a kid? If so, please tell me their story.

     Have you ever flown in a plane or a hot-air balloon?

     What are you afraid of?

     WHere do you see yourself in 5 years?

Here is the basic shape of our school. In the middle will be a moat and a 7 story library.
This is the side view, the middle building it the library, there are tunnels below the moat to get between buildings, and the dorms undernea
Here is an example of a projector classroom.

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