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The desert is a hard place to survive,for example summer tempetures often rise to 120 F degrees and in the winter or at nightime it can drop below freezing. Sometimes theres little rainfall and sometimes theres violent sandstorms that change the landscape. People got ataped to the desert by wearing loose fitting, cloth nomadic life, herding of goats, sheep and camels, tents, camels transportation, herd animal for food shelter and clothing,


the Oases has freshwater, plant life,shade and fertile lands.Permanent settlement, deep wells, the Oases are used for farming like dates, peaches,grains,towns,trade with nomads, palm trees for many other uses, the oases were also used for building homes

Coastal Plains

the coastal plains has damp air and regular rain, dry riverbeds that sometimes were filled with water.THe coastal plains is a great place for because of ist moist environment. Some Natural harbors farm of grains, fruits, vegetables, and trees for frankincense and myrrh. Coastal plains did trading with countries among the Red. Walls, dams and irrigations were alo part of the Coastal plains


The feet elevation of a mountain was between 1,000-12,000. Mountains recieved twenty inches of rain moist winds from the indian ocean,cool temperatures, frost dry riverbeds that filled up during rainstorms terrace farming. Farming of melons pomegranates, and trees for frankincense and myrrh, ashes and manure for fertilizer environment

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