Diane Calka Is A Highly Sought After Pet Sitter In Connecticut

Diane Calka owns and operates a well established pet sitting business in Connecticut. She has been working as an expert pet sitter since many years, and has received thorough training in this field. She provides daily care for pets while their owners are away. Diane founded “Your Pets My Passion” in May 2008 with the aim to provide top notch pet care services at the best prices. She completes all the paper work, reconcile accounts, and collects fees, along with evaluating reports to determine areas that require cost reduction and sales marketing development.

Diane Calka meticulously identifies developmental requirements of her business in Connecticut, and reviews financial statements for sale trends, productivity, discrepancies, and financial goal achievements. She displays impressive credentials selling her expertise at pet sitting. She has a list of regular customers along with pet care services that vouch for her professionalism. Diane is well familiar with all the aspects of pet behavior and care, and possesses an extensive amount of hands on experience related to pet care. She is a passionate professional, and enjoys meeting new clients and their pets on a regular basis. It is the nurturing, compassionate, and caring nature of Diane that helps make pets less stressed and less anxious.

Diane is dedicated to serving the pets in a safe, kind, and compassionate manner. She diligently watches for potential problems, and her extensive experience helps her develop ways to resolve these issues in an effective way. She has developed exceptional people relations skills together with the ability to successfully deliver a number of significant administrative responsibilities. Diane Calka has worked as a client service representative, travel soccer administrator, day care coordinator, and a customer Svc. representative in various organizations in Connecticut.