Do your own termites control in Singapore?

Many people still suffers from termites, although it didn't carry viruses and bacteria, but once people bitten, red, itchy, he will.Empty and termites can make wood, make house is dangerous house, there is no way to live. If people are not going to change a house, can only learn how to do your own termites control in Singapore.

Too high or too low temperature will kill termites. Sun exposure and the freezer frozen is effective termites control methods in Singapore. Take you doubt the wood to the sun outside, but you need to sun two consecutive weeks or longer effective, frozen, too. Some worms can also help you, but cannot by ultraviolet irradiation. Nematodes are ray. Once exposure will die. Pesticides and chemicals is one of the ways, the use of pesticides can quickly and effectively kill termites. But should pay attention to some termites may have resistance, they may not suffer from any loss.

These do-it-yourself termites control in Singapore -

way can help you, but they all have some shortcomings. Exposure and frozen need time is too long, nematode survival requirement is high. Use of chemical drugs is very convenient, but you have to put up termite resistant, and pesticides will pollute the environment. You can also choose to hire a professional pest control company. They have professional knowledge and tools to help you approved, will from time to time and to guide you to your house how to prevent termites invaded again.

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