The Joy Of Giving

The joy of giving means helping others that are less fortunes.   

the joy of giving is when you give to some one who is less fortuned and you are happier. also when you give to other it spreads Christmas spirit. even if it a small gift it does not have to be much. the smallest present will make someone's day. even giving something can make your day and spread lots of joy.

when you give joy to others you can feel better. like you helped someone in need. "a kind gesture can reach a would that only giving to people you can do." @Steve m.  the joy of giving is about helping others that is what joy of giving is to me.

people need to take more joy into giving things to other people. Giving is one of the best things to do for someone less fortune.   Giving to other people makes me feel good inside. It also makes me feel like I have accomplished something. Giving to other people makes me have a wonderful feeling over the holidays.


By: Ellie F., Kenzie B., Savannah K.

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