Free Verse Poems

What is a Free Verse Poem?

Free verse poems are poems that have no meter, no rhyme scheme, or any set structure. They can be as long or as short as you want. They can be about anything. That's the cool thing about free verse poems. Freedom.

Girlfriend 204

Now the asylum door is open once more
here comes girlfriend number 204
She tells me She's certified sane
But I'm not
I'm a wild man
who no one has ever tamed.

She says I look like George Clooney
But I think alas
She meant Micky Rooney.

She claims to be Cleopatra
and related to Frank Sinatra
I think the injections are wearing off
because she's cut of her ear
and is now van Goth.

Oh why oh why can't I get a girlfriend who is sane
I'm fed up
It's always the same
Someone who isn't a psycho
and doesn't think
their Doris day
or GI Jane.

~Peter Dome