By : Reagan Remus

Out of breath
out of time
Feels like a hour,
only a few seconds

Hitter steps up
now or never
tighten my grip on the neon ball
the ball I hold
is a win or a loss

Sami gives the sign
the last sign Sam every gave
been together since we were seven
this last game
no time to think just do
it's all second nature

Inhale in
and out
prepare to pitch
a quiet hush
slow motion
red stitched seems
smile back at me
it spins
looking into Sams eyes

Last pitch thrown to her
fooling my hitter
my enemy
the strike hits the glove
eyes widen
we waited
strike 3
batters out
that's game

We won
pride floats in the air
celebration overwhelms
Sami running at me
last game
success !

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