Great White Sharks

By: Branden Schlueter


  CHOMP! The sound of the Great White Shark Catching its prey.                                            This Tackk will tell you about the Great White Shark. Features like What they eat,Where they live,Size And Other Cool Facts to help you Learn about these Dangerous Sharks.

Where They Live

  Great Whites are mostly found around Australia, South Africa, California, And the North Eastern parts of the USA. Great Whites are also found by Azores, Brazil, The Caribbean, North Western Africa, Sri Lanka, North Australia, New Caledonia and the Philippians and Hawaii. Woah so that's were there found.

What They Eat

Young Great Whites eat Lots of Fish,Sting Rays and many other sharks. Adults in the other hand eat Seals,Sea Lions, Small Toothed Whales and Sea Turtles and mostly anything they can bite and eat.


 Great Whites Grow up to 15-20 feet long! I know right pretty big shark (Not Counting Whale Shark its actually a Fish). Also they can weigh up to 5,000 Pounds (2.5 Short tons), Wow! There like the King of Sharks pretty Much.

Other Facts

 Great White Sharks are the Worlds largest Predatory Fish,Cool Right? The Great White was the all so famous Shark in Jaws! It is Very Rare to have a Great White Shark to attack someone its very,very,very rare to have an attack be Fatal. These Sharks can swim up to 15 MPH (Miles Per Hour)


Great White Sharks are very Dangerous Some Category's, Where they Live, What they eat,Size and Other Facts. This might have made these sharks scarier to you, But i'm Pretty Sure you Learned something here in this Tackk.


  • Fatal: Dangerous enough to Kill some one or something
  • Predatory: Relating to or denoting an animal or animals preying naturally on others.

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