Josie Negron

This course put me in the driver's seat and took me on a wild adventure into a world of technology I was always tentative about and now feel more comfortable with! I've learned about many different tools to incorporate in my classroom. I've learned to create online games for review, quizzes for assessments, and flashcards for general music theory knowledge and study aids. In "Lessonpaths" I found resources I can use for added instruction in my general music classes and vocal lessons as well. In "Supporting English Language Learners" I discovered a simple translation website which I can use with field trip permission slips. One of my most exciting projects was setting up a "Wiki Page" (online collaboration project). It allows me to communicate with my students and will be a resource for important daily, weekly, and monthly events.

Technology - oriented goals I'd like to attain in the future are:

* Setting up an online grade book.

* Learn about snipping out of a webpage.

* Improve my webpage by providing audio and video links.

Fortunately, with the ease of image snapshots, I took pictures of all the other links provided througout all the class so I can go back and review them at a later time.

It is amazing to me that in such a short amount of time I have acquired such an abundance of technological resources which I can immediately utilize.

Great course and a wonderful experience!

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