Samir's trip
The Netherlands

picture of India

I got to India by plane. The plane ride was very long. At the New Deli airport we had to go through immigration which took a very long time. I was super tired because I had been on the plane for a very long time. we spent the night at a friends house in New Delhi and spent the next day sightseeing. The next day we took a train to go to Ludhiana where my cousin was getting married. My dad's family lives in Ludhiana.


picture of Punjab

When we got to Punjab we met up with our cousins again. Everybody was very happy to see each other again. I saw my aunt and uncle. We were their because my one of my cousins were getting married. It was so cool. Everyday before the wedding we would party at the house with about fifty other people until the wedding.

The wedding

Finally the day of the wedding came. There was so much excitement in the house. I could tell that I was going to have a lot of fun. The brides name was Pearl she was going to live with my cousin in his house 

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