Bullets and Ballots

By: Michael Batson

1. Groups involved with the Guatemala Bullets and Ballots simulation were the: Army and Wealthy, USA, Peasants, Guatemala Government, and the Guerillas. The group  that held the power at first was the Army and Wealthy. This is because the Army and Wealthy had the money and the military support to do anything they want.

2.The balance of power shifted towards the Guerillas when they attacked the Army and Wealthy and made an alliance with the United States. The Guerillas attacked the Army and Wealthy to gain more MSUs or Military Strength Units so that they could earn the privilege to do whatever they want.

3. Throughout the game many conflicts between different social groups occurred. It was violence, corruption, and war. War when the Guerillas and Army and Wealthy attacked on another and also when the US invaded Guatemala and took control. Corruption when the Guerillas turned against the Army and Wealthy after signing a treaty with one another. And violence when the groups would communicate and try to make deals.

4. The US's role within in the simulation was to watch over everyone. They were just there to convince the Guerillas to take control over the Army and Wealthy though after they did the US came in and invaded the country of Guatemala making the US the winners. An example for this is when the US canceled trade with Cuba and lost money from sugar trades so they went to the island of Hawaii with their military. The people of Hawaii leaned onto the side of the US making the Queen of Hawaii slowly loose her power then Hawaii became a state of the US.

5. Power shifts in a country can be positive or negative. They can be positive when people who are corrupt in power get over run by others. It can be negative though if in that same scenario someone who is even more corrupt takes place from the previous leaders. For example, the people of Lybia informed people world round about their corrupt government leader Gaddafi thorugh Facebook. This lead to the capture of Gaddafi and also his death by Guerillas.

6. Cooperation and conflict happens in my life when I am trying to go out with friends though my parents deny it like the US did to the Guerillas in the simulation when they tried to take control over Guatemala. Another situation of cooperation and conflict within my life is when I (Guatemala Government) am told what to do by the teachers (Army and Wealthy) but when I deny the command I receive a detention (Killed and sent to the Guerillas) and become angry with the teacher.

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