Public Service Announcements

What makes a PSA good or bad?

Good PSAS are good because they give the facts – what, when, where, who, why – with a minimum of fuss.

Bad PSAS may be bad in form (for example, be too long or violate too many rules), or content (for example, be an advertisement) or both.

Digital Flyers

^What do you notice about this flyer?^

What do all of the flyers have in common?

  • Record student answers
  • all for a good cause
  • a main point or message
  • easy to read with very simple text
  • Very big text and they contrast with the background
  • they have one or two eye-catching pictures
  • Picture matches or emphasizes the message
  • Bright, creative, all very simple and to the point.

Places to make Digital Flyers

  • S’more - good for integrating lots of pics
  • Tackk - creates a stream of ideas and pics
  • Poster My Wall - start with a blank wall
  • Canva - cool type fonts and set up like a professional graphic design
  • Recite - make a great and simple quote that looks professional

Create your own Website

  • Wix - Kids Help Ex
  • Weebly - Healthy Planet Example below
  • Google Sites - works with your school email, but difficult if you haven't made one before!

Radio Spots

  • SADD Example of Wording
  • Drowning Example below:
  • Drowsy Driving Example:

Places to create radio spots:

  • Audioboom - record up to 10 min!
  • - quick 30 seconds and saves a link
  • Vocaroo - also super simple and saves a link
  • Audacity - for longer commercials and being able to edit

What do these radio PSAs have in common?

  • Record student answers here
  • Music goes along with the problem
  • Music pulled on our heart strings
  • Music got your attention
  • Soft background music
  • short and simple
  • Catchy message

Talking or Interactive Pics

  • Chatterpix Kids -you can animate your pictures, but you will have to use iphone or ipad
  • Tellagmi - click for a how to video- You will have to download this as an app on a phone or ipad.
  • Voki - talking avatar and works on the web
  • Thinglink - can create on app or web- You could even use this as your final presentation with multiple medias!  (Example 2)


  • Piktochart - share your info with graphics and charts! Super easy to use
  • - more complicated infographic creator

An example from

Interactive Books

Created by LISD Teacher Librarian Colleen Graves

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