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brought to you by Sister Claudia Gutierrez (yvette0183@yahoo.com) -President, Sister Shannon Rojas (shanbanan0@hotmail.com) - 1st Counselor and Sister Monica Perez (mjblanch@hotmail.com) -2nd Counselor

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And now a message from the Primary President:

Hello Primary Teachers and Leaders!

I hope this message finds you well! I am filled with joy! I love everything I see every Sunday, I LOVE EVERY PART OF PRIMARY. Starting with Music time (Jenn you are amazing and the children love you!) to preparing and giving Sharing time lessons (so far my favorite thing from all my calling duties) to seeing happy children go and come from Primary lessons with such joy and enthusiasm! Thank you soooo much for all your service! I know sometimes Primary (or any other calling) can seem like such a chore. Sundays are crazy busy and everything seems so GO, GO, GO!! But when I come home and slow down and ponder on the things I see, I know we are on the right track. Are we perfect? NO! Far from it. But that is why its so important that we each take a little time to prepare and ponder on the needs of each of your classes and children. Isn't this a wonderful way of communication? (I am still learning how this works but soon I will be a Tackk genius!) Like I said, Sundays are so crazy busy that there literally isn't time for anything else. Life gets so crazy that sometimes adding extra meetings seems totally out of the question so this method if communication is a wonderful way to 1) Be up to date on important Primary info and upcoming events. 2) Inspire and Uplift each other and 3) and most importantly Receive proper Primary Training! Below you will find the Handbook info that talks about the responsibilities of Teachers in the Primary. I encourage you to read and be trained on your callings and apply these things! By doing so, you will be so much more prepared, so much stronger in your calling and I know your love for your primary children and calling will grow! We are here to help you...Please do not hesitate to come to us with anything that you need

                                           With Love,

                                       -Claudia Gutierrez                                           

Below you will find some pointers on how to  LOVE teaching Primary!!

1. Learn that you are in the right place. Your call came from the Lord; you have been given the responsibility for your own growth and that of those you serve. Go to work and you will learn to love your calling. Pray for the spirit of your calling and a quiet peace and joy for the work will fill your soul.

2. Prepare. Survey your assignment—the lesson you are to give, the activities to plan for, the leadership meetings to attend. Mark your calendar in advance and plan your Primary assignments. Make scripture study a regular part of your preparation. Prepare so well that you can give your lessons without always looking at the lesson manual. This enables you to personalize the lessons and to be more easily led by the Spirit. Stretch yourself into preparing to teach with variety.

3. Get to know the children. Speak and write their names as often as possible. Encourage each child to express himself and participate in the class discussions. Your love for Primary will grow as you learn to love the children you teach. Enjoy the children. Laugh with them, appreciate the qualities of childhood, and learn from them.

4. Be happy in your important service. Blessings will come to you and the children as you engage in the work of the Lord. You will experience joy as you see the children you teach grow and mature and as their testimonies and your own increase.


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