A Week in the Life of...
Ruby. An English Bulldog.


The worst day of the week for Ruby is dreaded Monday. That's when Ruby's parents have to go to work. They leave Ruby behind to guard the house. She always tries to beg her parents to stay, but they never listen.

On Tuesdays, Ruby guards the house some more... but only in between naps. She thinks her parents don't know that she sleeps on the forbidden territory called the 'couch,' but actually they frequently catch her at it, and they indeed realize that she can't be trusted while they're away.

On Wednesday, Ruby is practically sleep walking. She can't believe how long this week feels. Throughout most of the day, she finds herself thinking "Is it Friday yet?' She patiently awaits her evening dinner and treats... at least she can look forward to these simple pleasures.

Well, it's Thursday and now Ruby is feeling a bit more energized. Here she is watching sports with her Dad, and she's trying to convince him to play Tug with her during most of the programming. It's not too hard... she just has to make herself look really sad and pathetic, which (to humans) equals cute.

T.G.I.F. y'all! Ruby's ready for the weekend and that means she's going to party with her B.F.F., Izzy. These two love to wrestle with each other. They get along quite well together, as long as the humans give them equal attention.

Saturdays are super fun for Ruby, because she gets to put on her party outfits and go out on the town. She loves going out with her humans and showing off the latest fashion trends on the sidewalk.

Now, friends, Sundays are just hands down the best day for Ruby. She gets to sleep in, and that's what she loves to do most. Ruby is really a homebody at heart. She wakes up from time to time and asks her parents to give her belly rubs, but that's all this simple girl really needs. Now she's well rested and ready to start a brand new week!

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