Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class.

By: T L F 3rd Hour.

Arion Lazan was born October 20, 1934 and died from typhus in March of 1945.

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Significant Events in History that Affected The person.

  • Her Grandparents losing their store.
  • Her and her parents switching to prison camps.
  • Her father dying.
  • Going to America

Marion Lazan childhood

Sad - World crumbled around them.

Lonely - 1st family to go to Westburk (Prison Camp)

Exchange Jew- They waited to go to Palestine, worried every shower would cause death they were 3rd train win  church resulted in the death of her father.

Family members of Marion's Lazan's life

  • Her Grandparent's
  • Her Children
  • Her Parents
  • Her brother
  • Hitler

Unique facts

  • She was born to a good Jewish family who owned a business.
  • She collects pebbles (four) that represents her family.
  • Memories of a struggle makes her stronger.
  • She lived with her mother, but got to see her father briefly every morning at prison.
  • Her parents stayed during the take over because her husband parents were to old to travel and did not want t leave their shop because of all the memories.


  • Surviving Prison (Most people in prison would die of sickness, or lack of food. Some would kill themselves by throwing  themselves against electric fences, to end the suffering.)
  • Going to America
  • Getting Married
  • Having Children
  • Remembering loved one's that have been lost.

The Theme of Marion LAzan's life

Marion seems to have everything in her life go wrong. But it seems that the memories of the good times help her through. The three pebbles seems to remind her of her family, she thinks if she finds four pebbles then her family can not fall apart, it will keep them together forever. The mind of a 8 year old can be pretty interesting.

Some Quotes that really means something to me.

Page 10. "Seek the future" and ended up in, all of places, Hoya"

Page 12 "We talked," Remembered,"about the store, ..."

Page 32 "My loved one's," Walter had written, " . . . "

Seek the future, Remembered, My loved one's. I love these because I think that they are saying that they are thinking about the future, but they will remember the good memories of the past and they will remember lost loved one's.

Some Photo's Of Marion

Marion loved other children.

The video above is a short summary of the book.

“Four Perfect Pebbles”

Four Perfect Pebbles in my hand
Some made of granite, some of sand.
Found in this dark and desolate land
Four Perfect Pebbles in my hand.

Mother comforts Albert and me
Father shields us from misery.
No parent’s love can ever erase
This sad and forgotten, lonely place.

Four Perfect Pebbles do I see
One for each member of my family.
I’ll hold them tight, I will not cry
All will live, no one will die.

If I should lose my precious stones
My secret hiding place will reveal
More perfect pebbles far beneath
These barracks made of wood and steel.

Four Perfect Pebbles do I see
Mother, Father, Albert and me
I count them over one by one
I fall fast asleep, my work…is…done.

Bart Music, Inc
All Rights Reserved

John Holt June 2005
Sung by Lyric Ackelson

Go to to hear Marion Blumenthal Lazan sing it when she was a child.

Another short summary.


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