A Couple Cool Tools to Check Out

#1: Voice Typing Added to Google Docs!

Speech to text is now a feature that is built right into Google Documents! You can type and edit a Google document by speaking into the built-in microphone. This new feature is only available when using the Chrome browser. The process is simple:

#2: Kiddle: a Kid-Friendly Search Engine

Kiddle is a search engine that is designed for kids. Results are filtered to bring up ‘safe’ sites written in simple language. Kiddle is NOT an official Google product, but the company uses a combination of humans and a customised Google search to deliver child-friendly results.

Beware....according to DailyMail, it may not be as safe as it seems after tests reveal the occasional racy image can slip through the net, while searches containing 'bad words' are blocked.

How does it work? See info from Kiddle's "About" page below.

How can I help?

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