The Motorcycle

Ariel Ackerman

The motorcycle was invented in 1885 in Bad Cannstatt, Germany by Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Maybach.

Life before the motorcycle

New ways of transportation were being created in the 1800s & using a bicycle was a normal thing. Life was basically the same before the invention of the motorcycle.

The Introduction of the Motorcycle

Bicycles have been used as transportation since the early 1800s, so most people of that generation were used to seeing bikes. When the first steam cycle came out, people were astonished. Seeing a every day bike that could now be used effortlessly & quicker than before.

The Evolution of the motorcylce

The motorcycle has become way more advanced since it's creation in the 1800s. It's powered by gas, it's speed has drastically increased, motorcycles can now come in different colors & designs, & many other advancements.

Positive Impacts

The motorcycle changed the way of modern transportation, many people were frightened & excited to get their hands on a motorcycle. Transportation became quicker & simpler, so people could get to the places they needed to go quickly & effortlessly.

Negative Impact

Negative impacts from the motorcycle are that injuries increased. There were & still are in modern days many motorcycle accidents that are most often fatal or cause a lot of damage. The motorcycle also adds to the noise & air polution.

Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.

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