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About PG Services

PG Services is a specialized diamond dealer providing clients around the world with the rarest and arguably the most beautiful stones in the colored diamonds industry. Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, PG Services uses its extensive network of diamond exchanges, manufacturers, and private-party sources to obtain and sell rare and eminently collectible colored diamonds. PG Services works with clients at different interest and price points to provide stones of brilliance, personal enjoyment, rarity, and long-term investment value—whether these clients are interested in diamonds of modestly rare colors such as brown, gray, or yellow; notably rare colors such as olive, orange, pink, or purple; or the extremely rare colors blue, green, red, and violet.

In addition to supplying standalone colored diamonds, PG Services crafts beautiful custom jewelry pieces centered on colored diamonds. These pieces may be accented with other diamonds and by yellow or white gold. Each individual piece is created by PG Services’ jewelry specialists to clients’ specifications and is designed to provide a further level of uniqueness and beauty for owners of rare colored diamonds.

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