My Income & Career Goal Investigation
By: Kayleen Rodriguez
Computer science class - 4

Discribtion of my search

After talking to my partner I've decided that to look more closely at becoming a Physical therapist. Here's the link to my career of the requirements for that career :

The results of my choice survey (A) showed that I am social, conventional. According to the college career handout the three career choices I made were lawyer and Physical Therapist.


I will need to graduate from high school also, I will need undergraduate studies Before going to training school to become a therapist first you need to do a bachelors degree at a college or university.

PA Therapist Income levels

I want to work in Philadelphia, I have planed to attend Uscience the university of science to get my degree program. Here's a link to the cost of the tuition

I'm excited to start my career as soon as possible.