Arabian Peninsula

Being a Traveler in the 600 C.E.

When you are in the desert, it is hot all the time! When it rains it rains 3-4 inches but, that is very rare. Storms are very violent. The storms are usually windstorms. That is why there are camels, camels can adapt to that weather because they have extremely long eyelashes so the sand that blows, will not get in their eyes. If people camp in the desert, they will bring a tent to zip up because it will blow sand in their eyes if not!

When you are by an oases, the water seeps to the surface as a spring or waterhole.The oases very in size.Oases occur in areas where water has been trapped under the ground. Most oases are on fertile land. To adapt to the oases, palm trees were used for shade.  A number of towns developed around oases, linked by tracks through the desert.

A coastal plain the air is damp and moist. The are a few natural harbors. When you are adapting to coastal plains, people would build wells.

On the mountains, there is lots of rain and cool temperature. There are river beds, but they are usually dried out. Most of the wind comes from the Indian Ocean. On the mountains, the dams stored rainwater. Also, ashes were used as fertilizer.