A Loveable Grandma

She is a person that laughs easily, says the smile on her fabe like a bright star shining; a great cook, says the pan on the stove cooking fresh food; and a good 7th Day Adventist grandma, says the bookmark in the Bible marked on John 3:16; but not a grandma for walking that much, says the walker always by her bed when she needs to walk.

5 Grandkids, and her Daughter, and Son in law, says the fighting in the upstairs room; She so annoyed all the time, says the dirty house with noisy animals in the background; a sunny patio, says the burning couch, and windows covered on every wall; it was so noisy, says the covered ears, because of all of the vehicles honking.

Something was strange, says the empty road; The grandkids?Says the quiet voices; She couldn’t see, says the black sky; shes not deaf, says the crickets chirping faster; it wasn’t strange at all anymore, says the loud snores, from the next door neighbor; That’s why she couldn’t sleep, says the scary nightmares, it wasn’t strange but it was scary.