Inference Taq

An inference is an guess using evidence from a text/picture/video.

I started toward the house, keeping a close vigil on the dim windows. I walked along the edge of the forest in an attempt to keep myself hidden. When the strip of forest ended I was forced to crawl through the thick weeds. I could feel the blade of my knife rubbing against my upper thigh, and the inflammation in my side grew in the spot where my gun met my hip. Before I knew it however, I was face to face with the oak front doors of the house.

I can infer that that person is about to do something bad.

Joey was big enough to be a football player but was more fond of cigarettes and candy bars than sports. When he leaned in the window, his beefy shoulders filled the whole frame. “Whatever. In a coupla weeks we’ll be outta here for good.”

I can infer that that guy is an idiot.

It is lonely. Ironic, however, they wouldn’t notice. They, with their complaints of starvation, devastation; they, mired in the fear of imminent extinction, shouldering the burden of sin; they, looking skyward for His guidance and shuddering at the merest thought of His presence.

I can infer that this person wants to sound mysterious

I can infer this kid likes Manchester City.

I can infer that this lady doesn't know how to use technology.