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Tech Fair Share Out:

In the "Form" area below, please share some of the highlights of the tech fair.  What were some sessions you attended / taught?  Did you see or experience any new gizmos, gadgets, or web tools you want to explore further? (Message will go to my email).

The Networked Student

1-9-90 'Rule'

  • 1% of students are actively creating information
  • 9% knows how to curate information - synthesis, systems of learning
  • 90% of students are simply consuming information/data

LMS (Learning Management Systems)

Data Wranglin'

Say what?! (Text to Speech options)

'Keep' it Simple with Google Keep


Dust off your blog, or head to your favorite social media site. Complete this 3-2-1 activity, and share it with the world:

  • 3 things you have learned with your TILT group this year
  • 2 questions you still have, or 2 things you still want to learn
  • 1 thing you are most excited about as you move forward

What's Next . . . ?

For your "Techy" days of Summer. . .

Comment Stream

2 years ago

Schoology, Google Classroom, and Edmodo, how are they similar or different. Which one is easier to use ?