State Speech Spectacular

Choral Reading (Left to Right): Faith, Kate, Parker, Tanner, Grace, Caroline, Elle, Emma, Ben, Molly, Tyler, Rose, Jake, and Sam

The Pocahontas Area High School Speech students competed at the Large Group State Speech Competition in Sioux City on Saturday, February 7th. The group hopped on an early bus to compete and left it all on the floor for the judges to decipher. Reader's Theatre (pictured below) performed a whimsical tale from Winnie the Pooh when Pooh gets stuck the the rabbit hole, but with a twist -- the narrators spent their time arguing what gender Pooh really is. A few dirty looks and funny lines later, the 3 judges rewarded this humorous group with straight Division I ratings. Next to perform was an improvisation group, which included Ashley Peterson, Parker Aden, and Jacob Samuelson. This group brought lots of energy to the room as they did a scene titled "Getting Robbed by an Inexperienced Robber". As Samuelson made "realistic" car noises, Peterson shook her head with embarrassment while Aden found himself trading trash cans for cars. The room shook with laughter, but the group shook out a single Division I rating. This left the group receiving a Mixed Division II with one Division I and two Division II ratings. The last performance from PAC was Choral Reading (pictured above) performing a piece written by the PAC speech coach, Melissa Davis, named "Speak Up". The group informed the audience about the evolution of communication through facts, songs, and a few one-liners. This energetic group received straight Division I ratings from the judges after almost causing them to fall out of their chairs in laughter. It was successful day for the PAC Large Group Speech Students in Sioux City, Iowa. A huge thank you goes out to all those who drove down to support them!

Reader's Theatre (L-R): Back Ashley, Haley, Kara, Jill, Garrett, and Dawson. Front: Andrea, Lindsey, Amanda, Kaighcy, and Lynette.