Scott Krautman - Sports Fan

Scott Krautman is a huge sports fan, and he is proud of it. He is a sales and marketing executive at a small TV station in the West Palm Beach, Florida area, but aspires to one day work for one of the big cable and satellite sports networks like Fox Sports, or ESPN.

Being passionate about sports is a fact of life for Scott Krautman. "I've always loved sports," he says. "When I was a kid my dad used to take me to Grapefruit League baseball games every spring. That was my introduction to professional sports." The Grapefruit League is the name given to the teams whose spring training is in Florida, and who play one another in practice games leading up to the start of the regular season.

Scott Krautman is also an enthusiastic player and owner of a fantasy football team. But participating in any sport is his favorite activity, and he loves to play tennis and golf whenever he can.

Still, he understands that there are limits to his enthusiasm. "At the end of the day, it's just a game played by guys who make a lot more money than I'll ever make," he says with a laugh. "It is definitely not a life or death situation if my favorite team makes it to the Super Bowl, or the World Series, or the NBA Finals, or the Stanley Cup Finals," he says.

But he is just as susceptible as the next fan to the exhilarating experience of being one of thousands of screaming fans as a team marches the length of the gridiron to score a winning touchdown with only a few seconds left on the clock. "I just like to keep things in perspective."

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