Play dough
By: Jade pickens


          Play dough is a squishy material that you can make anything with it. Play dough can be made many different ways, do you know any? With play dough you will need ingredients.You will also need how to mix it and which ingredient goes in first. You will want to know how to take care of it. Lastly you will really, want some ways how to play with it.


          What you will need to make play dough is ½ a cup of water so it be too wet or dry. You will also need a ½ cup of salt. Then 1 cup of flour so it won't be all liquid.You can also put in 4 drops of food coloring of your choice to make the play dough look cool. And if 4 drops looks like not a lot to you, you can always put in some more. You will need a bowl so you can stir all the ingredients together. You need medium size container you will put it in when you are finished. Once you're finished with that keep moving it around. Then wait a while till you start playing with it.


          First, you will need to put in the ½ cup of water in the bowl. Then add the 1 cup of flour and mix a little. Next, add ½ cup of salt and mix. Then, add about 4 drops of food coloring and stir till it’s all mix in and there is a solid color. Make sure there is know chunks. mix, mix, and mix till you think it looks good. Finally pour it into a container. And mix till it look good again.

How To Take Care Of It

          To take care of your play dough keep in a sealed container. If you don’t keep it in a sealed container it could get hard. And you don’t want that. Another way you can take care of it is by moving it around a lot. Also don't let little kids near it because they might get it on the carpet. Try not to roll around on a blanket or something fluffy so it does not let any lint or that stuff on it. Those are all the ways to keep your play dough clean and good.

How to play with it

          Some ways how to play with it is you can make all different kinds of shapes and any sizes you want. You can also make it into a ball and play catch with it. You will want to make sure you don’t let little kids near it. One last tip do not eat the play dough because you could get sick. Also it’s not even good.


          Play dough is an amazing thing to do when your bored. You can make any shape you want. If you think it is messy you are wrong, because all you have to do is pour ingredients in a bowl and you're done. Just remember, the ingredients, don't eat it, you can add what ever food coloring you want so it can be your favorite color. Lastly have fun!

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