Ingredients in the Male Enhancement Supplement PHGH

About PHGH

Created by adult star John Lawrence, PHGH is a supplement designed for men seeking to improve their sex lives. PHGH guarantees quicker erections, a higher sex drive, and minimal downtime between erections in order to help men please their partners and enjoy more satisfying and pleasurable sexual activity.

Unlike other supplements, PHGH was created and tested by its creator in order to ensure effectiveness. Lawrence tested a wide range of substances claimed to increase libido and enhance erections in order to find the perfect blend of ingredients that would actually do what they claimed. As a result, PHGH includes active and powerful ingredients like tribulus terrestris, an herb that coaxes the release of testosterone; and arginine, which enhances blood flow to the penis. Another potent ingredient in PHGH is tongkat ali, a root native to Malaysia that also increases levels of testosterone; and epimedium, an ancient Chinese aphrodisiac that boosts nitric oxide levels. Additional ingredients include DHEA, catuaba bark, muira puama, and piperina.

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