Emily Yarling


    My name is Emily and I am a Junior at IUPUI!  I am going to school to be an elementary teacher, with a focus in middle school math.  I started school at IU in the fall of 2013, after graduation, and decided to move home due to financial reasons.  After attending Ivy Tech for two semesters, I decided to transfer to IUPUI this past spring and am very happy with where I have ended up at.  Figuring out what I want to do has been extremely hard for me, but I have always wanted to be a teacher and so I'm going with it! My boyfriend is the most important person in my life, as we have learned a lot from each other.  We are high school sweet hearts and it is exciting to me that throughout the journey I've been on I know he has always been there for me.  I nanny two girls and have been with them for almost two years now and I love my job.  I am lucky to be able to live at home, go to school, and have a great job all at once.  I'm excited to see where the next several years will take me!

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