Using Tackk in Your Classroom

What is Tackk?

How many times have you sat through a presentation that was just one, boring PowerPoint slide after another? Better yet, how many times have you gotten motion sickness from a Prezi? Instead of going with the norm, try Tackk as a simple tool that helps your presentation stand out and be remembered!

Tackk allows students to embed links to websites, pictures, videos, audio, maps and many more features! 

How to use Tackk in your Classroom?

Tackk allows your students to be creative while at the same time using 21st century skills and college readiness skills.  Tack can be used as a presentation tool and as a different option for research projects. 

Class Tackkboards

Class Tackkboards are used to collect and organize students' work.  It makes all of the students' Tackks easier to find.

Tackk Tutorial

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