Phil Dezwirek                    

Chairman of CECO Environmental Corp.                    

About             Phil Dezwirek                    

Well established as an attorney and entrepreneurial leader, Phil DeZwirek holds responsibilities with CECO Environmental Corp. as chairman. The company, based in Toronto and in Boca Raton, Florida, stands as the largest independent pollution control enterprise in North America. Having previously served as CEO of the firm for more than three decades, Phil DeZwirek has helped CECO develop a broad network of subsidiaries that produces industrial air filters and offers advanced environmental monitoring and maintenance solutions. His firm’s services are vital to nearly every type of industrial process, from automotive manufacturing to electric power production.

Phillip DeZwirek has past experience leading API Technologies Corp., API Nanotronics Corp., and API Electronics Group as chairman. After establishing API in the early 1980s, Phillip DeZwirek pursued a mergers and acquisitions strategy that enabled a strong growth profile. The company comprises development and manufacturing locations in Canada and the United States, and fulfills the needs of major corporate and government clients such as Lockheed Martin Corp., the Boeing Company, and the U.S. Department of Defense.                            

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