Phil Eitman has a BBQ catering service that is second to none, bringing his customers back for more time and time again.

Phil Eitman - The Catering King

No good meal comes without sides and appetizers; and Phil Eitman has plenty to offer on his menu. Whatever you do though, don’t skip the smoked brisket or turkey. He and his team have devoted the past decade to perfecting the selections on this menu, which encompass the head chef’s eclectic yet exquisite approach to fine catering.

The last two are hearty and filling, however if you decide you want something small to accompany your soup, one of his hand-rolled sushi creations makes for a perfect light meal. Not to skip to the desserts, however no other section of the menu better encompasses the variety of flavors being thrown around: Phil's Dessert Sushi Roll, which contains salmon and goat cheese rolled together in a dough, fried, and topped with blackberry jam and a spearmint syrup; Pineapple Custard Pie; Pulled Pork Pie and Raspberry Mousse.

Phil Eitman says you would be missing out however if you didn't try the meats, which are all smoked to perfection and given their own signature touches, such as the homemade zesty bbq sauce that is slathered on the Memphis ribs or the garlic and peppers chopped into the Carolina pulled pork. His exotic menu blends flavors of the Far East, the Deep South and the high country and blends them into a culinary experience that is as adventurous as its proprietor.

He does a homemade Miso Soup, New England clam chowder, and Brunswick stew. He makes a homemade mac n cheese with baked brie and apples; he makes bbq beans with his signature sauce; he makes corn fritters with fresh jalapenos to give it that little extra kick; and the dill ranch for his fried pickles is one of the most pleasantly pungent sauces to be created ever, and is something that cannot be encompassed by descriptive words. Feeling under the weather and want something to warm you up instead? Try one of his incredible soups.

A culinary masterpiece of over ten years in the making, chef extraordinaire Phil has released his menu for the 2015 catering year. Just don’t order the Phil Eitman roll, otherwise you may be surprised with a huge helping of his Carolina pulled pork on top of your salmon avocado roll. These are the bold and exotic new tastes that Phil's menu offers, which is not for the faint of heart.

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