The Inspiring Story Of Chanda

A book talking about HIV and AIDS in Africa

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Last year, I read this book filled up with feelings. This book is "Chanda's Secrets" and the story happens in Africa. The country isn't specified but there is some hints that let us think that it is in central-south Africa. This story is raising awareness on AIDS because we see, by the main character, how this disease isn't accepted by people and how someone can be rejected by everyone as soon as the results are known. Chanda had a difficult childhood and many step-fathers. The last one died of AIDS shortly after his marriage with her mother. Obviously, her mother got AIDS too and Chanda dropped school to help her mother and her two other young children. She saw her mother feeling worst day after day, and she finally died of AIDS. Then, Chanda's best friend, Ester, wanted some money, so Ester prostituted herself. She got AIDS too, but this time, Chanda faced off all the neighbors, and took care of Ester in her house. After this, Chanda tried hard to reverse the way people thought, by trying to make them love each other, even if they had AIDS. This inspiring story is raising awareness about AIDS because we see all the states of HIV and AIDS. We also see how the people around us feel and what they need to do when we have AIDS. For me, it clearly appears that this book is fighting AIDS by showing how it can destroy a person, a family, a population and the human race...

Book source:

Stratton, Allan. Chanda's Secrets. Richmond Hill: Firefly Books, 2004. Print.

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