Phil LaTessa

Phil LaTessa - Syracuse Mortgage Banker and Underwriter

Phil LaTessa has been in the field of mortgage banking and compliance for more than two decades, spending most of that time at The Funding Source. He founded the company in 1996 and became a FHA DE Underwriter in 2001. In 2006 he established compliance. In addition to overseeing the processing and underwriting departments, including hiring and firing responsibilities, Phil LaTessa personally worked with higher risk loans, conducting underwriting services in the interest of obtaining a final decision. His years of experience in the field have given him a keen eye for risk tolerance, and during his time at The Funding Source he set company risk tolerance overlays and other policies.

Philip LaTessa also served as a city auditor for the city of Syracuse from 2006 to 2012, taking a leave from The Funding Source during this time. In this role, Philip LaTessa oversaw government program audits, ensuring that government finances were used effectively.

Experiencing a New Culture while Traveling

A longtime traveler, Philip LaTessa has experienced new cultures around the globe on his many journeys. In fact, Phil LaTessa made it his goal to visit every Latin American and Caribbean country, a goal he reached and found to be a highly rewarding experience. When traveling, Philip LaTessa focuses not only on seeing the sights, but also on experiencing the culture of the place on a deeper level. For travelers who also seek to have a more authentic and rewarding travel experience, there are a number of things to keep in mind.

Many of the most memorable travel experiences result from personal connections made with the local people. To increase your chances of getting to know the local culture, it is a good idea to slow down your sightseeing. Instead of rushing from place to place, take your time and enjoy the atmosphere in between your destinations. In fact, if time allows, consider getting a short-term apartment rental or trying a homestay experience, where you stay with a local family. Such travel arrangements can help immerse you in the new culture much more easily than staying at a hotel or resort.

Likewise, experience how people in the area actually live by using the public transportation system to get from place to place and visiting the local food markets. These experiences give you opportunities to see your travel destination in a different light.