The Rebirth of Hiroshima

My theme is rebirth.

This picture shows a building before and after it was rebuilt. This is an example of rebirth.

This video shows a city being rebuilt


The bomb hits, you hear a scream,

This can’t be real, it must be a dream

You see a scene, of mass destruction,

How will you change, this mass corruption?

In a few weeks, the city is changed,

Less mass destruction, less people deranged,

But still a long path, lies ahead,

You wish you could move to America instead,

In a few years, the city less lame,

But still some survivors, are off of their game,

The Americans, are the ones to blame,

If only to Japan, they never came,

60 years later, Hiroshima bustles,

At your old age, you can no longer hustle,

You still feel effects, of radiation,

But your city’s rebirth, should be a celebration.

If I was a Hiroshima survivor, I would probably be trying to save people's lives and helping to rebuild the city. It is important to save as many people as possible, and it is also important to try to rebuild the city.

Start at 0:42

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2 years ago

Shall I Be British?

2 years ago

That was before we had to comment^. My actual comment—I love the line, You wish you could move to America instead.

2 years ago

lol Adler. Phillip i like the song. It ties well with the theme. Good job!