Phillip Oldridge

CEO of GreenPower Motor Company Inc.

About Phillip Oldridge

Phillip Oldridge leverages more than 30 years of experience in the transportation industry to serve as the president and CEO of GreenPower Motor Company Inc. Dedicated to sustainable transportation solutions, the company recently developed an electric powered transit bus called the EV350. Phillip Oldridge helped introduce, design, and produce the zero-emission vehicle. Well-known for his sales acumen, he also utilizes his deep understanding of transportation and public and private markets to lead the company’s sales efforts. GreenPower recently partnered with StarPoint USA to distribute the EV350 across North America.

Oldridge gained much of his transportation industry experience from his years as the founder and president of multiple motor coach companies, including Canamera Holdings Inc. and Nevada Charter. As the president of Nevada Charter, he supervised the operation of 117 motor coaches and busses in Las Vegas and managed a 192-person staff. He eventually sold the company to Coach USA for $19.6 million.

A certified pilot, Phillip Oldridge holds an ATP Pilots rating and is recognized by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for his commitment to the highest training and safety standards. The FAA included him in its esteemed FAA Airmen Certification Database.