Mayan Calendar

What is long count?

The Long Count is a mixed base-20/base-18 representation of a number, representing the number of days since the start of the Mayan era. The basic unit is the kin (day), which is the last component of the Long Count.

What is tzolkin?

The Tzolkin date is a combination of two week lengths. While our calendar uses a single week of seven days, the Mayan calendar used two different lengths of week, a numbered week of 13 days, in which the days were numbered from 1 to 13, a named week of 20 days, in which the names of the days were 0. Ahau 1.Imix 2.Ik 3.Akbal 4.Kan 5.Chicchan 6.Cimi 7.Manik 8.Lamat 9.Muluc 10.Oc 11.Chuen 12.Eb 13.Ben 14.Ix 15.Men 16.Cib 17.Caban 18.Etznab 19.Caunac

What is haab?

The Haab was the civil calendar of the Mayas. It consisted of 18 months of 20 days each, followed by 5 extra days, known as Uayeb. This gives a year length of 365 days.

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