John Smith's Adventures

John Smith /Kayden Cooper/12/18/2013


John Smith was born in January 1580 died as a hero in June 21 1631

John Smith was thought to be a farmer like his dad but he had his own idea

These are just some facts

Adventure boy

John Smith grew up in a town called Willoughby in Lincolnshire,he attended a boarding school close to his house.When John was young he always thought about being out in the ocean.He wanted to go out in the ocean that he could see from louth, the place where he went to school.At 15 years old his dad let him leave school to be a merchant's apprentice.John moved away to king's lynn, a seaport around 50 miles from his house and worked with a merchant named Thomas Sendall.

Gettin older

At the age 16 John's father died after that John moved away to France.Two years later he went to the Mediterranean Sea,and started working on a merchant ship.

In 1600 he joined the Australian army to fight the turkish army in the long war .For being a great soldier he was promoted to captain.Two years later he was wounded and captured.After that he was sold as a slave.The turk that captured him gave him to his "sweetheart" in Istanbul as a present.John said that she fell in love with him and sent him to her brother for training for turkish imperial services.After that he escaped by killing him and going back to Transylvania.He got back to England in the winter of 1604 -05.

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