May, June, July 2014 Issue

Greetings from the City of Smiles! Bacolod City, Philippines. We praise the Lord for you, our partners in ministry. Lives are touched and blessed because of your endless prayers, encouragement, and financial support. We are deeply grateful to you, and we appreciate your kindness from the bottom of our hearts.

We want to share to you some of the things we've been doing lately, as a family and as ministers of the Lord Jesus Christ on our own respective fields.

In a nutshell, I (Jimboy) am still serving as the head worship leader at Ikthus Bacolod. Some of my major responsibilities are taking care of the spiritual matters of the worship team and training of worship leaders. I'm also tasked to make sure people understand praise and worship by giving seminars on the subject.

To put food on our table, I run a Music Studio where I teach piano, voice, and worship leading. I also do lessons online through Skype. I'm also just finishing an online course where I can serve as a Content Marketing and Social Media Strategist. Praying and hoping to get some clients in the next few weeks.

Frandie is employed at Ikthus as head of the Children's Ministry. She does a fantastic job in ensuring that the children who regularly attend Sunday School are doctrinaly and theologically sound, and are having a meaningful relationship with Jesus at an early age.

Our children Asaph (13) and Shantel (11) are making good in their school and are consistently among the top students in their class. Asaph serves as the regular keyboardist on 2 worship services at Ikthus on Sundays and leads his own band during their school's Chapel Hour every Wednesday. Shantel is also catching up and should be able to play keyboard on chapel hours in the next few months. She is also a member of the school's volleyball varsity team.

Since this is a Photo Journal, here now are some of our photos taken during the last 3 months. Keep scrolling down and enjoy!

Jimboy, leading worship at Ikthus Main

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We have 4 services at Ikthus Main. I lead worship on the 7:30 and 10am Services every Sunday. The other services are at 3pm and at 5:30pm.

Jimboy, doing piano accompaniment during a funeral service. The singer is one of Philippine's famous singers - Sitti.

Occasionally, I would lead worship during necrological and funeral services for our church members. The photo above was taken last May 31, during the funeral service for Mr. Rodolfo “Rudy” G. Remitio, father of one of our church leaders, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Ramirez. Sitti gave a very heartwarming rendition of "It Is Well." She is the fiance of Tito Dan's son, Joey.

Worship Team Workshop At Central Philippine University

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Aside from my ministry at Ikthus, another thing that I really find pleasure in doing is equipping worship teams through seminar workshops. Last June 25, I was invited by Rev. Francis Neil Jalando-on, chaplain at Central Philippine University, Iloilo City, to give a seminar workshop for the worship teams that served during the Christ Emphasis Week last month (July). There were around 50 to 70 people who attended the workshop. The picture above was actually taken during dinner time after the seminar. Apparently, we all forgot to take "action" pictures during the seminar.

Below are photos of one of the rooms at Roselund Hostel, where I stayed overnight when I gave the seminar workshop. It was also a great time to unwind. (Click on the image to see more photos)

Frandie's Children's Ministry

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These are some recent photos taken on a typical Sunday morning. Frandie oversees the Children's Ministry on all 4 worship services at Ikthus Main, and provides training and equipping for her volunteers on all other Ikthus services all over Bacolod.

Here are some photos of her volunteers at Ikthus Main:

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This is the Cry Room, for toddlers, babies, and nursing mothers. There is a live feed of the worship service so that mothers and nannies can still hear the sermon while taking care of the babies. A volunteer is also present to provide Bible teaching to youngsters.

More photos of children attending Sunday School

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Asaph in action (Piano Guy)

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I was able to take some photos of Asaph before the service begins. Usually I'm not able to do this as I'm always the one leading worship, and I can't be with him when he plays on another Ikthus worship service venue.

Shantel in Action (Volleyball Varsity)

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Shantel seems to inherit the Lapatha's athletic abilities and excel's in the game of volleyball. She is now busy preparing for an upcoming competition. But of course, she still practices her piano for a competition on January, and perhaps be in a band later this year.

That would be all for now. Hope you enjoyed the photos. We will be showing some more on our next Photo Journal. God bless you, and once again, our sincerest thank you for your prayers and support.

With our love and prayers,
Jimboy and Frandie