What is a Photo Quest?

A Photo Quest is an optional project for you to complete that is designed to foster real-world connections between our course content and your life. The page you are looking at now was made with a free, online tool called Tackk.  If you create a Photo Quest, you will need to create a Tackk account.

Completing a Photo Quest will require you to:

  1. Create a free account on Tackk.com.
  2. Take a photograph or use an existing family photograph.
  3. Extend your knowledge about a topic.
  4. Write 200-300 words about what you discovered.

Why should I go
on a Photo Quest?

Ah, great question! Here are a few reasons that come to mind:

  1. It's fun. Photo Quests are designed to engage your creativity!
  2. They're extra credit!  You'll earn 10 points for each Tackk Quest (remember you can earn up to 20 points of extra credit for the class).
  3. You just might learn something.
  4. Each Photo Quest you complete is a webpage (just like this one). This means you can take it with you when this class is over. Make something you're proud of. Or make something that will make someone else proud. :)  Share wide and far.

What Topics
May I Choose From?

You may complete up to two of the following Photo Quests (each student may earn up to 20 points of extra credit for the term):

#1. Who am I?  (10 extra credit points)

  • This Quest will upload a digital copy of an old photograph (which means a printed photograph).  Your task is to reach out and have conversations with family, friends, community members, etc. about the picture and discover something about yourself that you did not know previously.

#2. Where do I come from? (10 extra credit points)

  • On your Tackk, you will upload a digital copy of an old, printed family photograph that tells a story about one or more of your relatives. Remember, your task is to discover something so you'll need to have conversations with people to learn a new story!

#3. Walking in the Footsteps of Greatness (10 extra credit points)

  • In our class, you've been introduced to the work of numerous photographers.  Select one photographer included in any of our units and take a photograph of your own that reflects the style of that photographer. You should aim to replicate the subject matter (what the image shows), as well as they stylistic elements (black and white, close-up, etc.).
  • In your Tackk, upload the picture you took and then write 200-300 words about the photograph. Identify the name of the photographer who inspired your work and discuss how your image replicates his/her subject matter and style.

How do I make a Tackk?

Watch this 5-minute video or follow the steps typed below the video.

Creating your Tackk is simple -- but there are some important steps to include. Please follow the steps below:

1. Create your account.

  • Go to Tackk.com and Sign Up for a new account (it is free).

2. Select a template for your Tackk.

  • Click on the green pencil icon in the upper right corner.
  • From the drop-down menu, select "Blank Canvas."

3. Add a Headline:

  • In the black toolbar at the bottom of the white space at the top, click "Aa" (Headline).
  • Type your Quest's topic here (i.e. "Who Am I?," Where do I come from?", etc.).

5. Add your Photo.

  • In the black toolbar at the bottom of your Headline, click the "Camera" icon.
  • Click "Upload" in the bar at the top.
  • Locate your image file on your computer and click "Open."
  • Click "Done" below the image. Your image now appears at the top of your Tackk.

6. Add your Text (200-300 word write up).

  • In the black toolbar at the bottom of your photo, click the "Text" icon.
  • Type into the white box. Be sure to fulfill the criteria for your topic.

7. Adjust the look and feel.

  • In the column to the far right (click the arrow icon if you don't see one), you may click the "Palette" icon to change the colors of your Tackk, the "Fonts" icon to customize your Tackk's fonts, and the "Patterns" icon to select a different background.

8. Adjust the Options for your Tackk (Important!!).

  • Click the Options icon in the right toolbar at the top.
  • Under Tackk Options, select "Public"
  • Under "Tackkboards," type "HOSPPhotoQuest" (all one word, without quotes) and click Enter.
  • Next to "Comment Stream," be sure the blue checkmark is selected.

9. Publish your Tackk.

  • Click the green "Publish Tackk" button at the bottom of the far right column.

10.  Check it out on our Tackkboard!

Do you have tips for me?

Of course I do!

  • Remember, you're on a quest! Challenge yourself! 
  • The older the photograph, the better.  (This relates to Quests #1 and #2.) Not everyone has access to 19th century family photographs. Some of you may not have access to much of an archive at all.  Do your best here. Make an effort to reach back through the years as far as possible.
  • Use your smartphone. (This relatest to Quests #1 and #2). If your quest involves making a digital copy of a family photograph, you may wish to use your phone to take a picture of it. Try to avoid shadows. Try it with and without flash.  Use the best capture you can get.
  • Have questions? Send me an email!
  • Have a suggestion for a Photo Quest topic? Let me know!