21 Photos That Are Basically Porn To People With Wanderlust

1. Realizing that the entire world is actually in reach.

2. Enjoying a journey that's as beautiful as the destination...

3. ...and finally acknowledging that getting there really is half the fun.

4. Being proud of yourself when you fill up another page with stamps.

5. Being spellbound by a view that's beyond your wildest expectations.

6. Watching the colors of civilization...

7. ...compete with the vibrancy of Mother Nature.

8. Understanding why some things are called "great".

9. Being enraptured by nature's beauty...

10. ...and astounded by the feats of humankind.

11. Putting down your map and seeing the beauty around you.

12. Enjoying a feast for the senses on a stroll through the market.

13. Feeling the rush of the city...

14. ...and appreciating the serenity of untouched nature.

15. Experiencing the solemnity of a sacred place.

16. Seeing the future rise all around you.

17. Witnessing the perfect harmony of old and new.

18. Getting a bird's eye view of the hubbub below.

19. Being awestruck by the things you've seen...

20. ...and gaining a new perspective on what life is all about.

21. Getting lost - and finding yourself.