Using Photos + GIFs to Tell Stories

Capture a classroom in exactly 0 words.

Let me tell you a story...

The statement alone has captured us since the beginning of time. So with edTech tools and a need for stepping outside the norm, why only tell a story with the written word? With Tackk's photo options and Giphy integration, it's easy for you to integrate visuals in your classroom lessons, on desktops and tablets.

Lesson ideas: integrate Tackk photos + GIFs

Ask students to tap into their creative side, and without one single word, tell a story, persuade an audience or show timelines of events.

Here are a few ideas to integrate photos and/or GIFs in Tackks:

  • History/social students: show the fall of an empire; capture historic events and figures
  • English: create a persuasive story on a specific topic
  • Language: tell the story of a historic figure from a foreign country
  • Math/Science: make/solve a story problem
  • Athletics: show the evolution of a particular sport or sport team
  • School pride: capture the progression of the school district or neighboring colleges

How to's: adding photo + GIF content to Tackk


Students have four options to add photos in their Tackks:

  1. Search 500px photography (already integrated in Tackk!)
  2. Upload from computer/device
  3. Import from Instagram
  4. Link from URL


Photos aren't enough? Add some movement to Tackks by adding a GIF. Here's how:

Step 1: Go to the widget bar and select the photo widget

Step 2: Click the carrot and select 'Giphy' under the 500px search

Step 3: Enter a search and select a GIF