Facts About Bullying

  1. Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year.
  2. About 160,000 teens skip school every day because of bullying.
  3. 17% of American students report being bullied 2 to 3 times a month or more within a school semester.
  4. 1 in 4 teachers see nothing wrong with bullying and will only intervene 4% of the time.
  5. By age 14 less than 30% of boys and 40% of girls will talk to their peers about bullying.
  6. Over 67% of students believe that schools respond poorly to bullying, with a high percentage of students believing that adult help is not occurring often and not helping.
  7. 71% of students report incidents of bullying as a problem at their school.
  8. 90% of 4th through 8th graders report being victims of bullying.
  9. 1 in 10 students drop out of school because of repeated bullying.
  10. As boys age they are less and less likely to feel sympathy for victims of bullying. In fact they are more likely to add to the problem than solve it.
  11. Physical bullying increases in elementary school, peaks in middle school and declines in high school. Verbal abuse, on the other hand, remains constant.

Bulling is dangerous

Bullying can lead to suicide. In the article Facts About Bullying "suicide is a natural response to bullying," says the federal goverment. Bullying does not just hurt people but also may kill them you may think the kid does not really care on the outside but on the inside the could be hurt and already be abused at home. The problem being cause by the bully does not make the problem any better. By bulling someone and them maybe being abused at home too can cause suicide and it could happen really fast too. They may think that killing there selfs will make everything better and take them out of the pain the bully is putting them through. Bullying can kill.

Graphs and Charts

My opinion

My opinion is that bullying is not ok and is a huge issue not just in the middle school level but all age levels. My mom is a pre-school teacher I have been to her work and even pre-schoolers can be mean to each other. The last time I was there they weren't just saying mean things, but physically one of the kids punch the other kid it wasn't playing around it was bullying! Now remember these kids are in PRE-SCHOOL!

I have also seen bullying in all grade levels I remember a kid on the bus in elementary school that was bullied and made fun of but instead of people putting a stop to in more people joined in. My best friend played along and was doing it too at first I thought it was kinda funny then soon realized it was bullying and my friend stop when I told her it wasn't right for her to do what she was doing. Later on in the year that kid wasn't at school people said he moved to California but I am still wonder if thats really true.

Buylling does not get better as you grow up there will always be that one person there in you life to hurt you but you have to fight throught it because when theres a storm theres always a rainbow after.

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