whale sharks info ;by Cameron

whale shark eating habbits


Hi my nickname is the grant some people rather call me a whale shark . I mostly  live in warm Florida water ,I'm harm less to humans also,some times I swim with my mouth open and eat anything that is in my way .I have 3 rows of teeth I nearly use them .also we are carnivores ,we also have no known predators.we can live up to 150 years we have  over 100 spots we also  have a unique look ,our mouths are are we can grow to be more than 40 feet long and way more.I am the biggest fish in the ocean ,we are not a egg laying animal  the eggs stay inside the mother and also hatch inside of the mother.we feed on these on things  sardines, squid ,krill, jellyfish, and anchovies we have a unique look

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