my paac portafolio


what i learned about fashion unit , is about all types of fabric and how to treat your clothing for example on clothes their is a tag how you need to wash or if you have to iron . Also i learned on how to create our own fashion .

I learned about famous designers , vocabulary .


What i learned ;

1. i learned how to create a postcard using different layers in photoshop

2.learned to edit a picture and transform it make it different than it was by adding more pictures to another picture and blending it in with each other .


what i learned in animation ;

1. i learned the history of animation

2. learned a historical animator Walt disney

3. i learned how to an animation by doing a PENNY BOUNCE

4. you can make an animation by taking pictures of the same object on how it moves and than making a video with those pictures

*** couldn't find penny bounce presentation *******

sound engineering

what i learned ;

1. i learned to create sounds with different sounds

project ; we did an assignment on creating our sound with the sound of a character from a movie and make it listen different using different sounds .

desktop publishing/pages

this is a project of when we had to make our own company/store and made a flyer in pages

video production

We made a project/trailer of my dog Nima with pieces of video clips

game design

Link To presentation of game design At the BOTTOM