The Innovator of Communication

To have the ability to speak all languages

Sofia and her sister from when she was attending the GCSE Business Studies course.

How it began

It all started when she moved from a little town outside of Boston and moved to Amsterdam, Netherlands.  Once in Amsterdam she enrolled at the GCSE Business Studies course at the British School Of Amsterdam. And little did she know how she could change the way people communicate and travel around the globe.  Once Sofia had finished the course she had become very frustrated with the fact that she was unable to speak to the natives due to her inablilty to speak dutch.  She had attempted mulitple different courses, but nothing seemed to work.  So that is when a fantastic idea was born.

Her invention - The Liguistic

She thought of a way for people to learn the langauge that was desired effortlessly.  This was completed with the '''Liguistic''.  The ''liguistic''  is a pill that you take for when you want to learn a langauge fast, fluently and comfortably.  For the language that you would like to learn, the person must purchase the pill for the language that is wanted.  Then you take the pill every day for a week, and at the end of the week you will be fluent in the langauge you chose.  A person can become fluent with as many langages as they wish, but you must wait atleast 48 hours bertween each of the treatments.  

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